Wingz Academy classes run throughout the year for students providing them with training in various styles. The classes give them an opportunity to learn, express themselves creatively and perform on stage as well as electronic media {Television and Films}. At Wingz Academy various dance form styles are taught. We have Bollywood, Classical, Folk Dances, contemporary, hip-hop, salsa, locking-popping , free style, bhangra and gidhdha classes too.

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The arts are windows on the world in the same way that science helps us see the world around us. Literature, music, theater, the visual arts, the media (film, photography, and television), architecture, and dance reveal aspects about ourselves, the world around us, and the relationship between the two.

We do not need more and better arts education simply to develop more and better artists. There are far more important reasons for schools to provide children with an education in the arts. Quite simply, the arts are the ways we human beings "talk" to ourselves and to each other. They are the language of civilization through which we express our fears, our anxieties, our curiosities, our hungers, our discoveries, and our hopes. They are the universal ways by which we humans still play make-believe, conjuring up worlds that explain the ceremonies of our lives. The arts are not just important; they are a central force in human existence. Every child should have sufficient opportunity to acquire familiarity with these languages that so assist us in our fumbling, bumbling, and all-too-rarely brilliant navigation through this world. Because of this, the arts should be granted major status in every child's schooling.