The Wingz Academy Of Performing Arts society {Regd.} Ropar.
Wingz academy is established in Ropar to promote quality and career oriented training in dance, music and acting. 

With aims to provide quality dance , music and acting training and making this available to all, Wingz Academy classes run throughout the year for students providing them with training in various styles. The classes give them an opportunity to learn, express themselves creatively and perform on stage as well as on electronic media {Television and Films}. Classes are available to all. 

Wingz academy provides free training to poor and dedicated students and also give special discounts on fee to students belonging to financial week families.

Today, Wingz connects  performing and visual artists with underserved youth in Punjab to awaken their imaginations, foster critical thinking, and help them break the cycle of poverty.

Wingz is deeply committed to empowering individuals who suffer from an absence of choice, especially children. It strive to end the poverty that robs us of that humanity. The performing and visual arts create a unique safe space to rediscover choice.

We see every day how access to the arts gives children vital skills that can be used in school and in their personal lives. They become better communicators, build their confidence to participate, and learn how to solve problems by thinking outside the box. Most importantly, the arts show each child that their voice is important.
There is infinite possibility in that belief.

Our Mission and work

  • Serving a population of low-income, immigrant, migrant, refugee and justice-involved youth.
  • Strong collaborations with schools and community organizations to promote Artists of the region.
  • Professional coaching in Dance, Music and Acting.
  • Aim to provide big platforms to the students on stage and electronic media {Television and Films}.
  • Free Seminars on new techniques in teaching education – Learn While Playing.
  • Motivational documentaries on education.
  • Free art classes to mentally and physically disabled students.
  • Free training in dance , music and acting to students related to poor families.
  • Special fee discount to students related to financially weak families.
  • Music Instruments availability to people who truly need them.
  • Music instruments as gifts to the students related to the poor families.
  • Free Fitness and Yoga classes to the needy.
  • Free Fitness Education Seminars in various educational institutions and community organizations.

Our Current requirements

  • A land area approximate 800 Sq Yard for construction of office, mini-auditorium, Dance hall, Acting room, Editing room, Music room and for regular activities of the institution.
  • Electric generator.
  • Fund to facilitate regular activities of academy.
  • Fund to provide free music instruments to poor students and other property to improve quality education.
  • Transport facility to reach to the raw-talent in the region.
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